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Professional Services for Shipping Director

For customers of Shipping Director, our professional services are available if you need assistance setting up Shipping Director expressions or just need to get up quickly.


We provide professional services assistance, billed on an hourly basis, to setup and configure our Plugins. Our Basic Installation service is one hour of services.  If you have complex scenarios, send us your needs, and we can estimate the time required.

Basic Installation

Plugin upload and installation
License file installation and verification
Configuring basic shipping expressions
Verify basic shipping scenarios

You will need to provide us with FTP or control panel (file manager) access to your host, and  nopCommerce administration access.

Shipping Scenarios Setup
Our services are also available if you've already set up the evaluation version (I.e. installed the plugin), but need assistance setting up your shipping scenarios and the Shipping Director expressions.

 CONTACT US with your requirements

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Price: $75.00