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Payment Director (for nopCommerce 4.70)

Payment Director allows a store owner to conditionally determine which payment methods to show the customer and calculate additional payment fees.


Do you need to conditionally determine which payment methods to present to your customers?  The Payment Director allows a store owner to calculate which payment methods and fees for complex scenarios by allowing conditional expressions to determine what payment methods apply, and expressions to calculate Fee and Name. 

  • Determine which payment methods to display.
  • Display different methods for different types of customers, or based on items in cart, order total, selected shipping option, impersonation, credit card type, etc. 
  • Create variables for use in complex expressions.  (including Reference type variables as NopC object shortcuts)
  • Conditionally calculate the additional payment fee
  • Show the customer a disabled payment option (cannot be selected) with text describing why
  • Ability to evaluate expressions for payment method attributes
    • Name
    • Fee
    • Show/Hide/Disabled
  • Ability to do direct queries against the database to retrieve additional information (SELECT ..., and EXECUTE sp)  (Assign to variables only)
    • Parameterized queries
    • String.Format sytle queries for truly ad hoc queries
  • Testing feature (allows selection of a customer/cart)
  • Export/Import feature
  • Errors are logged in System Log

Before purchase, please download the trial version and verify your satisfaction on your production host server.  Then check the System Log and find the entry that looks like

  Payment Director (Evaluation); Plugin Name = NopTools.PaymentDirector; URL =; Domain =;

Be sure to copy/paste the correct URL or Domain into the field below.  After purchase you can download the License from My Account > Downloadable Products.  Put the downloaded License.txt file in the plugin folder, and either restart the web application, or goto Admin > Configuration > Plugins > click Reload Plugins button.

Payment Director 1.38 Trial
Evaluation (for NopCommerce 4.70)
Payment Director 1.38 URL
Single URL License. (For nopCommerce 4.70)
* Enter your URL (e.g.    
Regular price: $79.00
Price: $59.00
Payment Director 1.38 Domain
Domain License. (For nopCommerce 4.70). Any number of subdomains.
* Enter Domain (e.g.    
Regular price: $199.00
Price: $149.00